Expert Runner Reveals The Best Equipment For All Skill Levels

As a runner, having the right equipment can make all the difference when it comes to your performance and overall experience. Whether you’re an experienced runner or just starting out, there are certain items that are essential for all skill levels. I spoke to an expert runner to find out what they recommend.


Perhaps the most important piece of equipment for a runner is their shoes. “Investing in a good pair of running shoes that fit properly and provide proper support is essential,” says Rachel Johnson, a seasoned runner. “For those just starting out, I recommend going to a specialty running store to get properly fitted. This will ensure that you get a shoe that’s right for your foot type and running style.”


Wearing the right clothing can also make a big difference in your running experience. “Your clothing can impact your ability to regulate body temperature, prevent chafing, and ultimately affect how comfortable you feel during your run,” says Johnson. “A good place to start is with a breathable, moisture-wicking shirt and shorts or leggings that don’t ride up or chafe.”


There are a few accessories that can also enhance your running experience. Johnson recommends a good quality water bottle or hydration pack, as well as a running belt to keep your essentials (like a phone, keys and money) organized and easily accessible. “I also recommend opting for a hat or visor to keep the sun out of your eyes and sweat off your face,” she adds.


Technology has also become an important part of a runner’s toolkit. “A good GPS watch can help you track your mileage and pace, which can be useful for training purposes,” says Johnson. “There are also many apps that can help you track your progress and provide guidance. One I love is the Nike Run Club app.”

Warm-up & Recovery

Finally, Johnson emphasizes the importance of proper warm-up and recovery equipment. “A foam roller and resistance bands can really help with recovery and preventing injury,” she says. “I also recommend investing in a good pair of compression socks for recovery after a long run.”

In summary, the best equipment for runners of all skill levels include good shoes, breathable and moisture-wicking clothing, a water bottle or hydration pack, a running belt, hat or visor, a GPS watch or tracking app, foam roller and resistance bands, and compression socks. Investing in these items can help enhance your running experience, improve your performance, and prevent injury.

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